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the Rubicon Project Introduces REVV for Publishers to Put Leverage Back into the Hands of Publishers

Posted: Oct 7th, 2009

Comprehensive advertising technology platform gives Publishers complete control over indirect and direct sold inventory

LOS ANGELES – October 7, 2009 – the Rubicon Project, the Internet advertising technology company, debuts REVV for publishers™, a comprehensive technology platform that empowers premium Web publishers by giving them complete control and visibility to best manage their direct and indirect inventory to match every impression with the highest paying demand source. Combining technology, tools, access and integration, REVV for publishers marks an expansion beyond Ad Network Optimization to deliver a complete Yield Management Optimization solution to premium Web publishers.

To date, the majority of advertising technology solutions have been created primarily for advertisers – not for publishers. Combating challenges such as loss of control over their own data; price erosion; determining who has access to sell their inventory; lack of insight to the full value of inventory and audience; and a deficit of tools to manage that inventory and set pricing – the time has come for a platform engineered precisely to meet the needs of publishers.

“We’ve repeatedly heard from thousands of premium Web publishers that they feel like they’ve been taken advantage of. What we’ve learned is that there isn’t one company providing a solution at scale that is fully focused on the publisher,” said Craig Roah, Founder and COO. “REVV for publishers was engineered to ensure premium publishers around the globe sell every ad impression through the best channel – for the right price, based on what advertisers should be paying for that impression, page or user – not what they can ‘get away with’ paying.”

“In addition to an overall lack of technology innovation on behalf of premium publishers, there’s also a serious lack of flexible options.  Some premium publishers we work with need Non-guaranteed Optimization and the ability to extend their audience, but don’t currently need to manage unsold inventory through ad networks. Others just want to enable brand protection, or sales channel Permission Control. And even more want to be able to do it all,” said JT Batson, Vice-President of Publishers. “We engineered REVV to put the power back into the publisher’s hands, complementing and accommodating each premium publisher’s specific Yield Management needs.”

Premium publishers can customize the REVV™ product suite to address their specific Yield Management needs:
•    Ad Network Optimization: Matches every unsold impression on a publisher’s site to the optimal ad from the right sales channel partner in real time.
•    Non-Guaranteed Optimization: Allows publishers to maintain control across all non-guaranteed inventory, ensuring access to the best revenue opportunity for every ad impression served – direct, indirect and house ads.
•    Targeted Audience Program: Enables publishers to target their high quality audience and others just like them across the Web (Includes Audience Extension, Audience Targeting and Audience Re-Targeting).
•    Permission Control: Provides publishers the ability to manage sales rights across all demand sources by geography, advertiser, partner, and segment without sacrificing brand, ad quality or control.
•    Audience Insight: Leveraging data intelligence, publishers gain unique insight into the audience segments across their site – making inventory easier to sell at higher rates.
•    Rubicon Vantage: A Firefox plugin that offers publisher’s real-time perspective on their ad space, including up-to-date revenue stats.
•    Brand Guard: Incorporates best of breed technology with unparalleled, 24/7 worldwide service, then leverages the massive scale and influence of the Rubicon Project, to enforce premium publishers’ quality standards.
•    REVV Back Office: Provides operational support and strategic insight to keep publishers focused on their core business: premium ad sales.
•    REVV Marketplace: Connects premium publishers representing 500 million consumers with more than 550 premium sales channel partners for maximum access to ad revenue.

To learn more about REVV for publishers, join the Rubicon Project’s live webcast Wednesday, October 7th at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST. Register at: http://www.therevvolutioniscoming.com