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Consumer Online Profile and Opt-out

Manage your Consumer Online Profile with Us

Almost every major Web publisher, advertiser and ad network uses cookies and data to optimize advertising effectiveness. We’re no different. We use non-personally identifiable information to make more intelligent ad decisions. This results in more relevant (rather than more annoying) advertising and helps our publishers make more money, which helps you continue to enjoy free online content and services.

However, we ARE different in our industry-leading view on your right to 100% transparency and control over the data we collect about you. With the access to this information comes great responsibility, and we believe the online consumer should be empowered to both see and control the information we’ve collected about you (well, really about “user #9450289b3″ – remember, there’s nothing personally identifiable here).

Below you will find all information we’ve collected and associated to your computer, in keyword/phrase format. Again please note that we do not collect any personally-identifiable information, instead focusing on interests, brands, activities, etc.